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Evaluation Criteria for MsOS Companies

Here is a list of some of the criteria Concinnity uses to evaluate whether a company is operating using a Multi-stakeholder Operating System


Environmental, Societal/Community & Governance (ESG): Ratings from multiple ESG data providers that include hundreds of assessment criteria.


Employee Engagement: Ratings derived from a combination of employee productivity metrics, employee turnover measures, employee perception surveys and the “human capital” and/or labor-management assessments embedded within overall ESG ratings.


Executive Integrity: Ratings derived by assessing the degree of honesty displayed by executives when communicating with analysts and investors.


Management Capability: Ratings derived from a methodology designed to evaluate the quality, skill and operating ability of management teams.


Corporate Reputation Management: Ratings derived from an intangible asset management index that evaluates six key areas of business performance: ethics, innovation, quality, safety, sustainability and security.


Customer Relationship Quality: Includes ratings based on measures of customer loyalty, social media proficiency, customer perception of value, pricing power, emotional connection scores and economic profitability of customer relationships.


Innovation: Combines innovation component scores within the intangible asset management index and innovation scores derived from customer perceptions.


Supplier Relationship Quality: Ratings derived from a supplier risk index that analyzes how a company’s supply chain management and practices are enabling or hindering its ability to meet customer needs.


Labor & Human Rights (Supply Chain): Scoring system based on evaluations from a global network of factory field auditors to gauge the risk of human rights and labor violations occurring within a company’s supply chain.


Culture: A combination of all customer ratings, employee related ratings and executive integrity ratings are used as proxies for appraising organizational culture.


Quality of Financial Reporting: Forensic accounting specialists are relied on to grade companies on the quality of their earnings and/or overall financial reporting.


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