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Conscious Companies



Conscious Companies


The Concinnity Conscious Companies Index (KRMATR/CCCCWT) is an index of approximately 175 US Large Cap stocks that have been qualified as Multi-Stakeholder Operating System (MsOS) proficient by the Concinnity research process for three years or more. There is both an equal-weighted and a cap-weighted index.

Companies in the index have the following traits:

o Evaluated on adherence to the Multi-stakeholder Operating System (MsOS)

o Have demonstrated commitment to the MsOS model for at least 3 years

o Consist of Large Cap US companies

Bloomberg tickers:

KRMATR - Concinnity Conscious Companies Index TR Index

CCCCWT - Concinnity Conscious Companies Cap Weighted TR Index

Index Description

Index Methodology

Equal-weighted Total Return Performance*

Cap-weighted Total Return Performance*

Market Consultation (02/02/2024) 



*The equal-weighted and cap-weighted total return performance represent the performance of the Concinnity Conscious Companies Index as calculated by Solactive AG. It does not represent the performance of any Concinnity investment vehicle. Indices are not available for direct investment. Investment in a security or strategy designed to replicate the performance of an index will incur expenses, such as management fees and transaction costs, which would reduce returns. Investing involves risks and you may incur a profit or a loss.

Click on the photo to see how to invest in a Global X Funds product based on the Concinnity Conscious Companies Index

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